Newburgh Week


Sunday evening after we got home, Dad and I hung out the house. One of the things we did that night was to see who could go the farthest sliding in socks on the wood floor. I also signed up for to start my freelancing career. We’ll see how it goes.

Monday was spent at the hospital. My dad bought a Jeep and returned the car he had been renting. My uncle brought his dog up in the afternoon and we took turns watching him outside the hospital. I also had to change a tire on my car until I could get it in to the shop.

Tuesday was spent at the hospital as well. I had my dad drove me to the hospital since I wasn’t comfortable driving my car on the spare up the interstate. I hung out in the room with family and worked on writing as well as playing a game on one of my kindles. I took an adventure around part of the hospital for a little bit in the afternoon. That night, my aunt and my grandmother drove me back to the house.

Wednesday, I drove to Paducah to get my tire changed. I had lunch in town before heading home. I started to unpack some things from school. Some of the other things I did Wednesday were pray, play with the dog, get water and dinner, and write.

Yesterday, I woke up early because my shoulder was hurting but I went back to bed. I slept in until around noon. I got up and did some stuff around the house before taking a nap. I made sure I woke up in time to get ready and go to Confession. I got there early enough to pray with Jesus in Adoration. After Confession, I went to the Burrito Shack for dinner, and on the way home, I picked up some supplies for waffles this morning.

Last night, I hung out at the house and helped with yard work by weed eating. I worked on writing as well.

Today, I got up and we had waffles for breakfast. I hung out for a while and packed up my stuff to come back up to my dad’s and the hospital. I cleaned out my car a little bit. Before heading back up here, I dropped a water and sewer payment off. I made a couple of stops before I got up to my dad’s house. I unloaded my car and got some gas. I came up to the hospital and have been hanging out here since then.

I’ve started working on a video for the trip to Hawaii and I hope to have that out to you guys within the next few days.

This weekend will probably be spent at the hospital and at my dad’s house. I’ll either be going to Mass there in Henderson or in Waverly. I haven’t decided yet.

Until next time!

Just a Kentucky Girl


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